Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scooters on sale!!!

Anyone interested in a practically brand new Diggler DSK scooter?

Diggler has made available to us a handful of these disc brake scooters for a bargain price of $450! Brand new, these cost $600 and are, in my opinion, the best scooter out there for urban mushing use.

These are already assembled and were originally purchased about 6 months ago by a fitness camp in San Diego.  Unfortunately, it did not work out as they had originally envisioned with their fitness program and Diggler bought these back from them.

These have basically been in storage and have been used no more than 5 miles (if that) and have only been ridden on pavement.  The scooters have since been transported to the Orange County area and can be conveniently picked up in Costa Mesa, CA.  You will have to make the purchase through Diggler (ask for Rob - 707.775.2452) but let me know right away if you are interested so I can reserve one for you.


scooters said...

Wow! such an awesome scooter it is. It is quite different from other scooters. I love its unique design very much. It would be a perfect scooter for riding.

Anonymous said...

Are these still for sale??? Is it possible to have it shipped? please email me or call