Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fairview Park undergoing construction and maintenance

Wow --- I am such a slacker! I haven't posted since July....what the heck have I been doing???

Oh well, let me try and get this going again and my first order of business is to let you guys know that there is construction and maintenance going on at Fairview Park. People who frequent our favorite dogscootering trails here in Orange County are aware of this as it has been ongoing since the beginning of this year.

This really does not affect our usage of the park since we pretty much stick to the major trails (which remain open) when we run our dogs. The map I've included here points out the different areas that are closed for construction and maintenance so please make sure to avoid these or any other areas that are marked CLOSED or OFF LIMITS. And as you can see, the primary trails (marked in yellow) are open for use.
BTW, no such construction projects are in progress at Talbert Nature Preserve.