Monday, July 14, 2008

A Fourth of July (virtual) scooter ride

A bit late in posting these but I just wanted to follow-up on my last post as I did finally succeed in taking some videos while dogscootering with Obi and Coal this past Fourth of July.

The videos represent about 85% of a 3-mile ride through the trails of Fairview Park and Talbert Nature Preserve in Costa Mesa. Truly a fun ride with the two siberian brothers and you can enjoy a seemingly virtual scooter ride, except for the pesky blade of grass that got stuck in front of the camera lens during the first couple of videos.

Here they are in chronological order (btw, you have the option of viewing these in high quality mode):

Start of Run --- Blast Off!
The Big Loop Trail - Part 1
The Big Loop Trail - Part 2
Run Through the Old Road Trail
The Mud Run Trail (without the mud)
The Fairview Freeway and the (infamous) Bamboo Trail

On a related note, you can also partake of a virtual "audio" scooter ride by listening to a taped broadcast by Oregon Public Broadcasting radio host Emily Harris of her first dogscootering experience while riding through the streets of Vancouver, Washington:


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